#37 Katerina Chantzi from Greece to Estonia: Greek people are like peaches and Estonians like coconuts


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Episode #37 from Found in Estonia podcast with lovely Katerina Chantzi. She is bubbly, talkative, and a great storyteller. She’s been living in Estonia for 4 years. Katerina is passionate about social entrepreneurship, environmental and educational fields.

We chat about:

  • How can one learn the Estonian language in 4 months?
  • What can you experience while spending two years living in Tapa?
  • Why you shouldn’t move to Tallinn, when you first come to Estonia?
  • What does it mean Estonians are like coconuts and Greek people like peaches?
  • How language learning books and courses in Estonia are gender-stereotypical?
  • her passion for recycling and social entrepreneurship
  • How come is Jäneda her favorite place in Estonia?
  • Why was she certain, that she won’t survive her first winter in Estonia?

Links that are mentioned in the episode:

* Green Month at Tallinn University linktr.ee/GreenMonthTLU
* Coconut/Peach article in Found in Estonia blog: foundinestonia.ee/metaphors-describing-estonia/
*and the one Katerina wrote: studyinestonia.ee/blog/estonian-coconut-hunt
* Katerina’s social enterprise: www.binfree.ee/



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