#67 Lea Kreinin: Hungarian kisses, warm people, and a system of politeness


Found in Estonia podcast episode 67 with Lea Kreinin

Why would an Estonian want to move to Hungary? Meet Lea Kreinin, who fell in love with the Hungarian language and moved to Budapest to become an Estonian language lecturer at the local University. Lea loves Hungary and Hungarians and shares in our chat: 

  • System of politeness in Hungary
  • Hungarian school system – with high-level music lessons, skiing trips, and forest camps.
  • How Harry Potter helped Lea’s children to become more popular in school?
  • Should you kiss or hug people in Hungary?
  • Hungarian villages
  • What did she miss about Estonia, when she felt homesick?
  • Why does Lea think the Estonian language is easy to learn?

🌺 This episode is supported by the Ernö Koch Foundation, which aims to support cultural collaboration between Estonia and Hungary. 🌺





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