#64 Henri Ormus: When I started working in Finland it was really a culture shock!


Found in Estonia podcast episode 63 with Henri Ormus

How can an Estonian become a nuclear engineer if it’s not taught in Estonia? Meet Henri Ormus, who is a nuclear engineer, and listen to his story of becoming one. Henri has lived and worked in the US, Sweden, Finland, and Russia and after living 14 years abroad just returned to Estonia. He is the co-founder and board member of Fermi Energia, which aims to build small modular reactors in Estonia.

We talk about:

  • How did he discover the nuclear field?
  • Differences between engineers in Finland, Russia, and Estonia?
  • How can scholarships change people’s lives?
  • Why did he have a culture shock when starting to work in Finland?
  • How easy was it to move back to Estonia after all this time?


This season features Estonians, who are no strangers to living abroad and today live back in Estonia. We will talk about why, when, and how did they end up living abroad, how was their experience compared to living in Estonia, and how their perspectives shift after moving back to Estonia.

This season is powered by the non-profit organization Mondo, which aims to reduce global inequality.






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