#68 Jorge Herrera from Guatemala: border crossing for Guatemalans, and why are Estonians not inviting people over for dinner?


Found in Estonia podcast episode 68 with Jorge Herrera from Guatemala

From one tiny country to another. What attracts someone from Central America to move to Estonia after already living in the local dream country – the US? Meet Jorge from Guatemala, who loves to share his culture, experience new things, and learn more and more about Estonia. 

He shares how he moved to the US as a teenager without papers. How after 6 years abroad he returned and built his life up in Guatemala again. How he found his passion in the food industry? And what made him decide to move to Estonia?

We also talk about: 

  • Living in the US without papers
  • Life in the capital of Guatemala vs in the rural areas?
  • How Estonian public transportation helps people to manage their time?
  • Estonian sauna and black bread
  • Why are Estonians not inviting people over for dinner?

Get in touch with Jorge about his cacao and tortilla evenings: 






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