#62 Andres Sirel: Moving to Malaysia with his wife and two kids for work


Found in Estonia podcast episode 62 with Andres Sirel

Andres is an Estonian, who is a father, an entrepreneur, and a lifelong learner.

He worked at Microsoft for over 11 years which led him to live with his entire family in Malaysia for 2 years.

Today he is the head of the company Insplay, with the mission to raise awareness among parents through playful development and balance. After returning to Estonia, he discovered his passion for spirituality and today he is also a certified Mystic School healer who holds life activation sessions and offers coaching and consultation for those on the spiritual road.

We talk about living and working in Malaysia, what do life activation sessions mean and how was it to make a shift from an international global company to running a small family business?

This season features Estonians, who are no strangers to living abroad and today live back in Estonia. We will talk about why, when, and how did they end up living abroad, how was their experience compared to living in Estonia, and how their perspectives shift after moving back to Estonia.

This season is powered by a non-profit organization Mondo, which aims to reduce global inequality.









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