#60 Silver Tambur – Estonia as a society is still quite conservative


Found in Estonia podcast episode 60 with Silver Tambur

Silver arrived in London with his back bag and 50 pounds. He started as a cleaner, then went to study there, then got a job at a law office, and then launched his own global online magazine, called EstonianWorld.com. As he says: in London, one thing just leads to another.

This season features Estonians, who are no strangers to living abroad and today live back in Estonia. We will talk about why, when, and how did they end up living abroad, how was their experience compared to living in Estonia, and how their perspectives shift after moving back to Estonia.

This season is powered by a non-profit organization Mondo, which aims to reduce global inequality.







Found in Estonia
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We talk with foreigners who have made Estonia their home. Inspire more open-mindedness by sharing interesting stories and observations that many foreigners with their fresh eyes can offer.