#49 Ross Allen from the UK to Estonia: Living in Estonia as a British Ambassador


Found in Estonia podcast episode #49 with Ross Allen from the UK. 

Ross Allen is the current British Ambassador to Estonia. He moved to Estonia in June 2021. Since then has joined a choir, passed B1 Estonian exams, has seen most of Estonia, met local troops, and met numerous Estonian politicians, including the previous and current Estonian presidents.

We chat about his daily life in Tallinn and also:

*How does he balance work, family, hobbies, language learning reading, and doing sports? 

*Why did he join a choir here?

*How does one become an ambassador?

*What is the concept of the Mojito sea?

*Things he enjoys and admires about Estonia?

*His recommendations for others planning to move to Estonia?

*Estonian sauna, dill, rugby, cricket, etc.

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