#46 Nicole Dennis from USA to Estonia: raising children in Estonia, International Women's Club and Christmas


Found in Estonia podcast fascinating episode #46 with Nicole Dennis from the USA!

“Going to the supermarket and seeing someone that looks like 7-8-year-old buying something – that cannot happen in the United States!”

Nicole is the president of the International Women’s Club in Tallinn. She says the most important thing when moving to Estonia is not to let the weather scare you. And as it turns out she might be now stuck with Estonian “päkapikk” traditions.

In this energetic episode we’ll also cover:

*What is the mysterious International Women’s Club?

*Are international school systems in Germany, Turkey, etc the same as going to school in the US?

*What is she most excited to take with her from Estonia?

*How different are the Christmas traditions in the US vs Estonia?

*What is the “elf on the shelf tradition” about?


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