#42 Nicole Pono Weimer from Hawaii to Estonia – researching Estonian goat cheese, making kimchi, and in search of Boulders


Found in Estonia podcast charming episode #42 with Pono from Hawaii! ☀️

Have you met anyone researching goat cheese making in Estonia? How much do you know about kimchi? Pono said she keeps telling Estonians there is more than just kimchi from Hiina kapsas! There are literally 200 types of kimchi! 😮

Can you believe after growing up in sunny Hawaii, she was still impressed by Estonian sunlight?

Among these, we get to the bottom of: 

*Is Hawaii a special place among Americans?

*She came here under the impression, that Estonia is rich with boulders, did she got tricked?

*What do Estonian and Hawaiian languages have in common?

*Two things she would take with her from Estonia?

*Three words how she describes her life in Estonia?

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