#33 Aili Vahtla from USA to Estonia: growing up as Estonian American


Hop on board, because it’s time to make a trip again! This time to… Estonia? 😎 Aili Vahtla grew up in the United States as an Estonian American. So she always knew what Estonia is and what are its people like – or did she?

She’s sharing her fascinating story, how she spent her weekends as a patriotic Estonian, and her every day as an American. Listen from herself how it all played out!

  • her story, growing up as Estonian American
  • comparing living in Narva, Tartu, and also in a farmhouse.
  • overview of sorority and fraternity system similarities and differences
  • things she appreciates in Estonia
  • her tips for learning the language

This episode is part of the special Estonian-languaged episode series with foreign guests, who also speak fluent Estonian. So get inspired and listen to the previous episode #32, where we chat with Aili in Estonian, and he shares more of her story, experiences, and thoughts over there!

If you know anyone else, who could be great for this special series, write to: [email protected] and let us know!


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