#22 Nikki Tan from Singapore to Estonia: The air in Estonia is impossibly clean


Listen to how Nikki explains what it’s been like to travel the world as a digital nomad and how is it different from being a slow nomad. 

Why after living in Estonia for three years, she still appreciates Estonian air quality and how clean it is!

She loves the sauna in her apartment (despite coming from a warm country), and tells why it’s hard to eat green leafy vegetables in Estonia.

She is amazed by our sour creme and dairy selection and compares it to tofu choices in Asian countries. 

You might also ask, what’s up with giving our red envelopes and tangerines when you visit someone? And even if you didn’t ask it – we will talk about it! 🙂 

So stay tuned and enjoy hearing Nikki’s story!

Join in and let us know, what you learned from this episode!


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