#21 Mihaela Benedicitie from Moldova to Estonia: even if you move to Antarctica, you know you are a Moldovian!


How can one Moldovian woman, who has lived in Estonia for 6+ years, say that she doesn’t feel like an Estonian, rather “Kohilane”?

*Why you shouldn’t go hitchhiking in Moldova?
*Is Moldova actually a giant Soviet-styled Escape room?
* What does it mean, if you spit on Moldovian field something is pound to grow?
* If being naked in a sauna was easy for her, what was the hard part?

Come and enjoy Miha’s very lively personality explaining how she first moved to Estonia. Starting to live in a village with just around 3000 people altogether, is it worth it?

Miha has a very colorful way of explaining to us the language differences between different Rumenian languages. She shares her transforming journey from studying architecture, learning woodworking, and now being immersed in Fin-tech and the world of numbers.

Join in and let us know, what you learned from this episode!




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