Brett Minchington: employee experience is what drives the employer branding


My guest in this special episode of the podcast “Leadership is the Competitive Advantage” is one of the world’s leading authorities and pioneers on employer branding Brett Minchington. Brett is the world’s most published author in employer branding. He drives thought leadership in employer branding through his writing and has up until now published eight books on the subject. Taking advantage of his broad expertise, Brett has consulted in global and national employer branding projects for various companies to assist them develop their employer brand strategy and roadmap through strategic audits and advisory solutions. He has also advised leading employer brand agencies in strategic consulting in different countries to develop their services in these markets. In 2007 Brett commenced his Employer Branding Global Tour and what started out as a 1 year plan has turned into 12 years travelling around the world delivering workshops/ masterclass / Summits and keynote addresses to 1000’s of senior managers in more than 57 cities in 39 countries. This week he visited Tallinn and I had an opportunity to ask a few questions from the guy.

“Work is all about people. Everyone is trying to find the right people who would drive their business forward. We want to create a workplace environment where people want to join and contribute to the achievement of organization’s objectives. And we truly want them to have a great experience in doing that as well. They do not see work as a place where they come from 9 to 5 anymore, instead it is tightly integrated into their lifestyles these days. We need to be providing people with environments where they want to come and spend 8 or more hours a day – feeling safe, being inspired and having an opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the society. That is where the basic concept of employer branding comes in. Employee experience is what drives the employer branding. We know that we are building a strong employer brand through the experiences that people are feeling at work daily at various touch points, either by interacting with other team members, senior leadership, etc. For example, think of a first day on a job. They are nervous, they are not quite sure what to expect, and this makes the first day a great opportunity to actually make them super comfortable and make them feel that they made the right choice. And we have to understand that this is not HR or marketing or communications function that has the ownership of this topic, but it is a real business function and the ownership lies at the very top of the organization. Obviously, it involves inputs from various functions within the organization like HR, marketing, communications, IT, but in order to be successful the employer brand has to be driven by senior leadership.” – Brett Minchington

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Juhtimiskvaliteet on konkurentsieelis
Juhtimiskvaliteet on konkurentsieelis
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