David Allen and Edward Lamont: creating healthy high-performance teams with GTD principles


Today’s episode of the podcast “Leadership is a Competitive Advantage” is a real treat! We dive into the world of healthy team productivity, collaboration and performance with two extraordinary guests. Joining us are David Allen and Edward Lamont, co-authors of the brand new book called “Team: Getting Things Done with Others”. Thank you, Paul Vahur and GTD Estonia, for making this episode possible and co-hosting it together with me!

David Allen, renowned for his influential work “Getting Things Done”, revolutionized how people approach productivity and manage their work-flow. Now, two decades later, he has teamed up with Edward Lamont to extend these principles to the realm of team collaboration. Edward is the GTD partner for the UK and Ireland with over 25 years of experience in executive coaching, training and consulting in the areas of leadership, productivity, and motivation. Their co-authored new book is a game-changer for anyone looking to foster healthy team work, communication and performance in our rapidly evolving work environment.

“In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving work environment, unlocking the full potential of your team is more critical than ever. By applying GTD principles to teams, we can achieve not just higher performance, but also a healthier, more sustainable way of working together. This kind of healthy high performance could be called ‘mind like water for getting things done as a team’. What we know from research is that teams are most satisfied when they are performing. However, over the last 50 to 60 years, we have focused so much on performance that we have lost the idea of healthy performance. The balancing factor is how do we perform at a high level while maintaining the health of the people on the team? This includes their mental, physical, social, relationship and spiritual health, which are all important to everyone on the team.” – David Allen and Edward Lamont

In this episode we explore with David and Edward how the power of collaboration can be harnessed to foster a culture of healthy high performance within a team setting. We delve into the key principles of team productivity, discuss the transformative power of a healthy collaborative culture and learn how to apply these strategies to teams and organizations. Listen to us for an enlightening conversation with David Allen and Edward Lamont!

P.S. The book “Team: Getting Things Done with Others” is currently in the process of being published in Estonian.
P.S.S. I encourage everyone to listen to our podcast episode with David Allen from a few years ago, titled “David Allen: for leaders, distributing their authority also means distributing their stress”.


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