In a digital marriage – love, law, and a new e-service in Ukraine


Times of digital love, those we live in – as Daft Punk stated too. Practically, the entire supply chain of romance has somehow been impacted by societal digital transformation. Instant messaging, dating apps. So why not take online as well all the boring bureaucratic steps that would lead to the “yes, I do”.

A podcast episode on love, war times, and digital services. All elements that coexist in the roll-out of the marriage application e-service, a reality in Estonia and now also in Ukraine. Tune in for peak digital romance tales with Ihor Podolskyi, Administrative Assistant, and Anton Yermakov, Communication Expert at the e-Governance Academy.

Podolskyi recently used the service first-hand, while Yermakov shed light on the ins and outs of making digital marriage application a reality in Ukraine.


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Digital Government podcast
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