Synergising digital and green transformations


Some terms in the public discourse, despite filled with meaning and relevant concepts, somehow happen to not really take hold. The green transition, a necessity of our times to address, still it’s something that – here and there – could truly benefit from more support. That support can come from citizens, enabled to participate in more democratic decision-making processes, and from digital tools too, that favour and streamline such participation.

All in all, the end is still to achieve more inclusive and prosperous societies – which means, sustainable too. Kristina Reinsalu is a Senior Expert on Governance and Engagement at eGA, while Fabro Steibel is Executive Director of the Institute for Technology & Society (Brazil). In this intro episode to the e-Governance Conference 2024, we discuss how synergising digital and green transformations can supply more solutions to tackle pressing environmental problems. 


Digital Government podcast
Digital Government podcast
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