Enhancing cybersecurity in Moldova is a matter of survival


Since years already, the Republic of Moldova has had to take measures to safeguard the integrity of its national cyberspace in the face of russian interference and aggression. In doing so, it has been supported by international partners and the European Union. But little would have been possible, without the effort and dedication of its civil servants.

It was our pleasure, then, to award the Ministry of Economic Development and Digitalisation of Moldova as Partner of the Year 2024, at the latest e-Governance Conference and to speak to Alexandru Corețchi, Director of the IT and Cyber Security Service of the country, during the Conference days in Tartu.

In a heartfelt interview on our Podcast, he removes the lid on what national cybersecurity agencies did to keep Moldova’s online ecosystem safe and secure, and the necessity for continuing support to ensure the country’s independence – online too.


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