How to constantly develop and improve digital services


Not just talks and panels, at the upcoming 2023 e-Governance Conference. As always, we didn’t forget about the practical side of things – workshops. One of them will focus on the design of public e-services. Designing and re-imagining public services takes effort and knowledge, but it becomes less intimidating when expert show how much common sense actually goes into it.

Piret Saartee, Senior Expert on Smart Governance at eGA, joins us for today’s episode of the Digital Government Podcast, and is here to help. What makes for a good e-service? An introduction to the e-Governance Conference workshop, and things to know on the path to making citizens’ life easier in a digital society. Tune in! 

Interested in re-design public services effectively? Join Piret Saartee and Kristi Kivilo in the workshop“Digital services – constantly developing and improving” at the e-Governance Conference on 31 May at 11:00 – 12:30! Register now at


Digital Government podcast
Digital Government podcast
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