Data and services run fast in digital Ukraine


Ukraine's journey towards digital transformation has been marked by significant achievements, notably through the development and implementation of Trembita, the nation’s data exchange layer, and the Diia app. These tools have revolutionised the way citizens interact with government services, making them more efficient, transparent, and accessible.

Zooming out, though, the context and circumstances within which this rapid development took place would make most of us go red. If there’s one – next to many more – story of unlocking digital success while taking a big leap among extreme hardships, digital transformation in Ukraine then ranks high on this chart.

Illya Rodin is the Chief Solutions Architect at the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. Oleh Burba is Component Leader of the EU4DigitalUA project and Senior Expert in Digital Architecture at e-Governance Academy. In this three-voice episode of the Digital Government Podcast, we delve into how Trembita and Diia complement each other, to provide Ukrainians with easy access to an ever-growing number of digital services. Tune in!


Digital Government podcast
Digital Government podcast
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