Four years that laid the groundwork for the Ukrainian digital transformation


For more than four years, the e-Governance Academy's team has assisted digital transformation in Ukraine by creating the conditions for digital services' provision. In this episode, our Ukrainian team leader, Mari Pedak, casts light on the technical developments within the EGOV4Ukraine project, the organisational developments in the Ukrainian government, and the changes in Ukraine's officials' and citizens' attitude towards digital solutions and services during the last years. 

According to Mari Pedak, this change can be summarised as: within four years the question "Why do we need the Trembita data exchange platform and the Vulyk information system?" has changed into "When will they be ready?".  Since the work that the EGOV4Ukraine project team has done is not as easy as a walk in the park, Mari also discusses the invisible work behind the scenes that the team had to do. 

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