Europe in 2030 – a digital powerhouse?


Digital skills, collaborative efforts between the public and private sectors and governments are important in leading businesses into the digital era. We start the year with a strong vision and a focus on Europe, in light of the recently published DigitalEurope 2030 report. And we do so with Raido Lember, former CEO of the National Investment Promotion Agency of Estonia, right now consulting businesses independently and as eGA expert.

It is a strategy that goes beyond wishful thinking, or at least aims to do so. Of the many pillars to unpack, the government’s role as facilitator stands out. Of a more international reach for small and medium enterprises, of citizens empowered by savvy use of digital tools, of an increasing interconnection between national information systems.

In this podcast episode, Lember takes us on an insightful journey into future Europe – from where we stand today, towards an EU conscious of its digital potential, and what it takes to get there.



Digital Government podcast
Digital Government podcast
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