Cyber legislation for safe cyberspace


Cybersecurity has been, undoubtedly, a dominant theme in last year’s digital governance discourse. The attention, and relevance, that cybersecurity increasingly enjoyed in the past years should be taken as a sign. As our life becomes increasingly digital, it is natural that more and more subdomains of it enter the scene too.

In this podcast episode, Elsa Neeme, Senior Expert on Cybersecurity at eGA, and Vitalie Varaniță, assisting activities in Moldova, tell us more about cyber laws’ role in the development of secure cyberspace. One of the topics in focus of the EU-funded Cybersecurity Rapid Assistance project taking place in the country.

How the cyber legislation benefit to safer cyberspace? What needs to be kept in mind when creating laws concerning cyberspace? What lessons can share Moldova after the launch of its first cybersecurity law? All of this and more, as we dissect with experts meanings and targets of taking action in cyber legislation.



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