Challenges and opportunities of cross-border health data exchange


In this episode, we invite you to listen to the topical discussion on cross-border health-data exchange challenges due to the new vaccine certificate. We examine the challenges and opportunities from the perspective of hospitals, governments and worldwide organisations as the World Health Organisation. How could we benefit from the health data exchange between countries? Why it is so hard to reach? Will the Global Trust Framework led by the World Health Organisation make it happen?

The discussion features Clayton Hamilton from the World Health Organisation; Dr Terje Peetso, from the North Estonia Medical Centre (Estonia); Marten Kaevats from the Government Office of Estonia and is moderated by Merle Maigre from the e-Governance Academy.

The episode is the recording of Digital Transformation Talks, which is a series of timely online discussions organised by the e-Governance Academy. For more information, visit the Digital Transformation Talks’ website   

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