PARE podcast #43 Uwanma Odefa, Elaine Santos I DEI as a strategy & the power of diverse teams


DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) has now more than ever taking the center stage at workplace. It has been long know that the diversity of opinions and ways of thinking is essential for critical thinking and decision making but also the strategical aims and strategy of any organisation. Also, creating equitable and inclusive workplace is essential in creating room for diversity and being open for different people to unleash their potential.
But why do we still work so hard to get on the same page on DEI within teams, organisations and cultures in general?
What are the main steps to nudge people towards becoming more open and curious about people from different backgrounds?
What are the benefits of DEI and how to apply it to HR processes?

All this and much more was in the centre of our discussion with two HR enthusiasts, Elaine Santos and Uwanma Odefa, who have moved to Estonia from different parts of the world and experienced various (workplace) cultures and ways of taking steps towards being more diverse, equitable and inclusive.

Host: Jaanika Siiroja/ PARE
Recording and audio editing: Veljo Poom/


Avameelselt inimeste juhtimisest
Avameelselt inimeste juhtimisest
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