#58 Theresa Talea – Keeping Your Identity: The Difference Between New Age And Real Spirituality


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Today’s quest is Theresa Talea, an author of “Eternal Humans and Finite Gods” and “Proposing a New Cosmology Beyond Death Science”. She grew up as the daughter of a prophet. She is strong and has continued her journey. She didn’t stop searching for the truth, she pressed forward to find answers in religion, university, and self-study, but her intuition and logic led her back into herself.

In the podcast we talk about New Age, dimensions, All That Is, The Pure Essence, High-Self, aliens, different multidimensional entities, psychedelics, eternal life and much more interesting.

Some thoughts from Theresa:
– When it comes to information, we should be our own check and balance.
– I have always wanted the truth.
– We have to put more pieces together in order to grow. We need perspective.
– Research and inner wisdom will bring you clarity.
– Love is love. It’s simple, it’s eternal.
– The All That Is, The Pure Essence is not an entitity. It does not have any field, colour, shape or sound. It exists before creation and is seperate from creation. It’s the source of life that always is, it is pure consciousness with the most simple eternal substance that was able to expand through it’s intent and desire to start simple creation. It does not consider itself a creator, because it does not have the power and more complexity in it’s essence to do so.
– People want to have these powers and abilities, which can be activated through our third eye, but that’s not the natural way. Activating your third eye is an artificial approach.
– Eternal beings do not need to attach to others.
– Reincarnation happens because you don’t have enough essence of yourself to move forward.
– There is a difference between third eye and pineal gland, New Age teachings put these two together.
– People should be willing and able to ask questions.
– Everything has energy, nothing is exactly the same.
– Intuition is a knowledge within.
– Your Highest Self is the only internal entity, you can feel it within you.
– People don’t like leaving New Age, because New Age spirituality is known and comfortable.
– All those psychodelics are dangerous, because ceremony or rituals call out an entity who is then waiting to get in contact with you during the ceremony. During those rituals you are not 100% aware of yourself, which makes it easy for them to attach themselves to you.

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Theresa Talea:

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