Ricardo Lillo: embracing the goals of the organization strengthens employee accountability


Today’s episode of the podcast “Leadership is the Competitive Advantage” is brought to you by one of the leading training & consulting companies in the world – DOOR International. And my guest is Ricardo Lillo, CEO of the DOOR International. Ricardo together with his team of more than 800 trainers and consultants has footprints in more than hundred countries. Ricardo and his team is dedicated to one goal: helping organizations around the world achieve measurable and sustainable results through embracing higher level of accountability. He works with CEOs and their teams in company-wide, multi-year processes focused on developing accountability skills to achieve unprecedented results, at the most notable global organizations. He has led large scale, multi-year transformation projects with Fortune 1000 clients across numerous global industries, with extensive experience in automotive, pharma and telecommunications. His major clients now range from Abbott, IBM, Microsoft, Unilever, Ford, Merck and the Asian Development Bank. Johnson & Johnson, Bayer among many others. It was great to get to know Ricardo better and spar with him around the concept of accountability.

“It is important that every single employee across different hierarchies and departments in the organization understands where the company is headed and how he or she can contribute to achieving the desired results. If employees understand the true purpose and goals of the organization, the level of their engagement will go up, accountability goes up, productivity and the achievement of key results also go up. If we can simplify the company message to three or four memorable and measurable and meaningful results, then everybody knows it – not just your top ten percent of the high-performing employees but every single person on your payroll and this is what makes the difference! If an employee is unable to link her or his activity or role in the team with the larger objective of the business as a whole, then that particular employee is likely to get disengaged quickly. She or he might already be searching for a new job and is mentally disconnected! That is why the big picture and understanding what part each employee plays in it is crucial to building a behavior of ownership and engagement among employees.” – Ricardo Lillo

Listen and enjoy!


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