Influencer marketing with Avery Schrader



Sel korral on saatekülaliseks Avery Schrader, kes on Modashi asutaja ja tegevjuht. Rääkisime Averyga influencer turundusest, sellest kuidas see Euroopas ja Ameerikas erineb, kuhu selline turundus edasi võiks areneda ja paljust muust. Saade on inglise keeles.

This time we have Avery Schrader as our guest, who is the founder and CEO of Modash. Modash is an influencer marketing platform and that’s what this show is all about – influencer marketing. The main topics:

What are the trends of influencer marketing?
How’s Europe different from USA?
What’s the best practice to measure an influencer campaign?
What could replace influencers?

Avery was one of the speakers who did a presentation during Tallinn Marketing Week 2019. For more information:


Podcast by Marketingi Instituut