How to test product in Germany?


Roland Lock from Steinbeis (GER) shared his experience about product testing.

When we finished our Mission Germany project helping more than 40 companies to enter German market, many of the companies had reached product piloting phase. We realized that Estonian companies do not know how to test products on the market and what is a business case. We asked one of our consultants Roland Lock from Steinbeis who has background from food industry to explain it to us.

What is a business case? Why would a company need a business case? Do all the food companies entering German market need a business case? Can the very small companies avoid the business case?
How to plan a business case? What does a company need to pay attention to when preparing a business case?
What are the best practices for conducting a business case?
Can you as a company Estonia influence the results? How? To what extent?
How to measure the results? What is usually considered to be the good results?
How long time would the company need to see the results from a business case?


Podcast by Marketingi Instituut