Enterpreneurial Management MBA


To be a great entrepreneur, you need to set your sights very well, know the people and cultures involved very well, and, well, make things happen very well!
But how do you know how to build on your strengths and make up for your weaknesses in the team you build? Oh, that we have a solution for – the Entrepreneurial Management MBA Programme.

Four very interested parties got together to talk about the Programme – Kristjan Jasinski (a mentor of the Programme and Head of Customer Experience at Confido Medical Centre), Mai Peksen (cum laude graduate of the Programme), Rebecca Andreas (a student of the Programme) and Kerdu Lenear (a student of the Programme and also Marketing Creative Strategist of TalTech) discussed the ways the MBA has changed their lives.

A curriculum that enables you to precisely map your current location, your goal, and the steps you need to take to reach it.
New skills in Management, Leadership, Finance, Business Intelligence, Digital Organisation, HR, Marketing, cultural differences, and being a human.
A personal development coach to guide you through all the study semesters.
A time of self-discovery both in a business and personal context!

Listen and find out
why should business be conducted on a human-to-human level.
how little face-to-face study does the Programme require?
if having to speak and write in English impedes Estonian students?
what helps MBA students and graduates bloom into their natural strengths and discover new ones?

Mr. Jasinski: “The return on your MBA investment (some money, some time, a lot of reading and reflection) is a network of international connections; clear goals and knowledge of how to reach them via different paths; mindset and career changes; startups; better colleagues, leaders, and organizations!”

If you are up to taking a thorough look at yourself and making a leap towards your better self – listen to the podcast, find out more about the Programme taltech.ee/en/masters-programmes/entrepreneurial-management-mba, and join it taltech.ee/en/apply!


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