Startup in Estonia: S3 E6 – How to build a startup around physical products


It’s time for the season finale! In the sixth episode, we talk about how to build a startup around physical products.

This time, we are visited by the founder and CEO of Comodule – Kristjan Maruste. Comodule is a micromobility and IoT solutions company which connects electric vehicles to the internet. This year, Comodule also entered the scooter-sharing market with the brand Tuul, which is claimed to be the most durable and eco-friendly e-scooter in the world. 

Tune in to hear Kristjan speak about how Comodule has set up their production line, both of scooters and IoT chips, in Tallinn. He emphasises that people tend to fall under the spell of status quo – if the industry at large does their production in China, surely it cannot be done elsewhere? Kristjan also brings new perspectives to numerous matters regarding autonomous vehicles, the future of transportation and micro-mobility. With inspiring confidence, he might also throw in humble claims like Comodule will soon be the Tesla of small e-vehicles.

Startup in Estonia podcast is hosted by Adam Rang (@adamrangpr).




Startup in Estonia podcast
Startup in Estonia podcast
Startup in Estonia is a podcast where we discuss different pillars of a successful startup ecosystem by showcasing examples from Estonia. In the third season we are looking into how to build a successful startup. #startupinestonia