RED COAT (päevikpessimism)


red coat
päevikpessimism 11
kadi estland

garbage is in the head and
there is a dead pigeon in the trash
dead summer
until morning
came to god
there were traces outside
welfare order
money injections cannot be done for everyone
the earth is covered with ashes
wrapped in white clothes
human body fluids and leaves
the dove is in the trash and its wings are dead
those who talk about newcomers
from major roads to minefields where they could be buried
number of people
burns land that cannot be returned
now we can only realize that everything is moving from the old way, with a small change in the eczema system to the third generation
the sky is the stars that follow us as we walk
last time no one liked the presentation
they did not digest it
there was ash pain in the air
we confirmed ourselves black
we wrote each other obituaries sad
no one could be told to think
for the future we lost our summer vacation
we do not tolerate hysteria well
buy a farm
if you are tired, there is a place to go on vacation
has torn you in the endless row of the first three rows of boats in the middle of the ocean, where even birds don’t fly
you won’t fly anywhere anymore
branches of the symbolic present
nobody cares about anyone, you don’t care about you
never vote
one egg to leak spontaneously
give it the wrong name
but not everyone knows you
the legs are carried back and forth into the water
the decorations on the bridge chest have nowhere to go
the inevitability of life
we continue to turn the garbage bag between two legs, we fly only for a moment to look at the table of the common graves of beloved animals attached as piles of people
because God has let us down
we yawn we put broken glasses on the shelf



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