Marco Scarpellino: Holacracy is really simple !


Today’s episode of the podcast “Leadership is the Competitive Advantage” is devoted to self-management, and specifically to Holacracy. This time I sat down with Marco Scarpellino, a co-founder of and consultant at “Redlab: The Consultancy Solution” which is a licensed Holacracy provider in Italy. Redlab’s mission is to support companies in the path towards better performance and better work. I was intrigued to get to know Marco better and inquire about his very practical perspective on getting started with Holacracy. Hope you enjoy our wide-ranging chat filled with Italian accent and energy!

“Very often the perception of Holacracy is that it is a highly complex method to run an organization filled with too many rules. The truth is: it is the opposite! Holacracy is actually really simple! Just start, the rest will follow! This is the one piece of advice I would give to somebody willing to start with Holacracy. Everything may seem complicated at first – and I won’t hide from you that I too was very worried at first – but just a little practice and everything will seem natural and pretty straightforward. After all, Holacracy is a practice like playing soccer or tennis (this analogy is also in Brian Robertson’s book). If you think for a moment about it, it is far more difficult to explain to somebody how to execute a shot in soccer or a forehand in tennis rather than showing her and putting her to practice the movement. The important thing here is to privilege progression over perfection! I promise you: it will feel natural pretty soon and you will feel the progress you are making.” – Marco Scarpellino

Listen and enjoy!


Juhtimiskvaliteet on konkurentsieelis
Juhtimiskvaliteet on konkurentsieelis
Juhtimiskoolitaja ja coach'i Veiko Valkiainen'i podcast “Juhtimiskvaliteet on konkurentsieelis” vastab küsimusele: mida tähendab olla edukas juht? Podcasti “Juhtimiskvaliteet on konkurentsieelis” algselt seatud küsimuseks, millele vestluste käigus vastuseid otsime, on: mida tähendab olla edukas juht? See võtmeküsimus on kogu juhtimispodcasti läbiv punane niit. Veiko missioon on toetada juhtidel ja meeskondadel saavutada soovitud eesmärke keskendudes tulemuslikkuse kasvatamisele läbi juhi ja tema tiimiliikmete mõtte- ja käitumismustrite muutmise. Podcast on koht, kus lisaks temale jagavad juhtimisteemadel oma mõtteid, teadmisi ja kogemusi Eesti erinevad tegevjuhid, tippsportlased, konsultandid-koolitajad ja teised juhtimisega lähedalt kokku puutuvad inimesed. Kuulake ikka!