Pros and cons of using biometric data


While we approach the international identity day on September 16, we are addressing the topic that concerns our identity and its use, online or offline. In today's episode, we explore with Kaija Kirch, Head of Digital Identity Technologies at Cybernetica AS, the pros and cons of using biometric data in identification and providing access online or onsite.  In particular, you will learn 

What is biometric data? 
How is biometric data used in our everyday life by businesses or governments?
Why is the use of biometric data getting more and more topical? 
What should we be aware of to avoid the misuse of biometric data?
Where do we start the effective and proper implementation of biometric data for public service provision?
How is Estonia using biometric data for public service provision? 
Will biometric data replace other procedures in the future? 

Tune in to find out!

The host of the podcast is Federico Plantera.


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