Welcome to the podcast Honest Men.

This time our quests were Michael and Crystal Ditton and we had really interesting conversation together. Crystal and Michael are world citizens. They have travelled a lot both in the outer and also in the inner world. They have also started mutlple lifestyle businesses.

While recording we could just feel and see how vast they perspective to life is and how much abundance they bring with their energy. And that was really inspiring.

In this episode we talk about travelling, abundance creation, relationships and much more.

Honest Men podcast is all about honesty and authenticity. We believe that honesty and open-mindedness is the key to becoming a successful and happy human being. Everyone has their own problems but hearing other people sharing their own perspectives and ideas on how to cope with the hard times in life, gives us hope and understanding that everything can be fixed and we are not alone.

Our mission with this podcast is to offer you inspiration and motivation through the conversations we have and to give you the different perspectives on how to become the best version of yourself.

This is our second episode in English. It’s not going to be our last one, so stick around and hit that “follow” button.

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Enjoy the show!