#63 Maria Sakarias: "I didn't want to be the one, telling stories of other people creating change in their countries, I wanted to have a story to tell too."


Found in Estonia podcast episode 63 with Maria Sakarias

Maria Sakarias was 16 when she first lived a year abroad in France. After that, she’s been living in the UK and Netherlands, volunteered in Nepal and India, and traveled to countless countries through her work around creating social impact.

She always thought that living abroad is somehow easier. That she can be this anonymous person, doing whatever and returning to Estonia seemed more difficult somehow.

After two Master’s degrees and 10 years of building international connections around linguistics, social impact projects, and the Edtech field, she now lives in Estonia again and shares her colorful story with us!


This season features Estonians, who are no strangers to living abroad and today live back in Estonia. We will talk about why, when, and how did they end up living abroad, how was their experience compared to living in Estonia, and how their perspectives shift after moving back to Estonia.

This season is powered by the non-profit organization Mondo, which aims to reduce global inequality.






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