10.06.21 Nordic Talks Podcast: Migration and mobility – living next door to Nordics


The podcast gives an insight on the main reasons for migration and mobility across borders, how has mobility across borders developed in the Nordic-Baltic region during last 2 decades, what are the main challenges and why is it useful to support cross-border labour mobility, how do various migration policies influence cross-border mobility and what are the possible economic effects of migration. The discussion is held in form of a conversation between researchers Professor Raul Eamets and Professor Tiit Tammaru from the University of Tartu, and Saara Pellander, Director of the Migration Institute of Finland who will talk about the different migration policies and latest results of studies in cross-border mobility in Nordic and Baltic countries. The host of this Nordic talk podcast is Madis Kanarbik from the Tartu Branch of the Nordic Council of Ministers in Estonia.


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